The National Council of Youth Organizations in Korea 한국청소년단체협의회

외국 청소년단체 DB

전체 45 건 로그인
외국 청소년단체 DB 목록
번호 기관명 국가명 홈페이지
45 Australian Youth Affairs Coalition 호주
44 Scouts Australia 호주
43 Pakistan Youth Parliament 파키스탄
42 Youth Connect 태국
41 Thai Youth Action Program Foundation 태국
40 Canada World Youth 캐나다
39 Power Unit Youth Organization 캐나다
38 Fulbright and Undergraduate State Alumni Association of Camb… 캄보디아
37 Empowering Youth Cambodia 캄보디아
36 Cambodian Child's Dream Organization 캄보디아
35 National Institution For Youth Education 일본
34 National Olympics Memorial Youth Center 일본
33 The National Indian Youth Leadership Project 인도
32 British Youth Council 영국
31 The Federation of London Youth Clubs 영국
30 UK Youth Parliament 영국
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